The Weather Bullies are a band of climate outlaws who can hurt you, your family, your friends and your pets. They can destroy your home and ruin your town. Learn how to be prepared and stay out of their way.
Hurry the Hurricane Hurricane - (Whirly, Hurry, Ty) - The hurricane Weather Bullies are giant storms that rotate counter-clockwise around a big eye out in the ocean. It doesn't matter if the hurricane is a girl or a boy. When a hurricane gets mad, it charges for land and yells for the Weather Bullies gang to join as it throws a tantrum and destroys everything around. Watch the news! Grab your family, pets and supplies and go somewhere safe until these bullies leave town. Torry the Tornado Tornado - (Torry, Whirl, Spout) - Just like in the Wizard of Oz, the tornado Weather Bullies are tall twisting funnels in the sky that dips down to tear up anything they touch on the ground. Listen to the news and have a plan to go somewhere safe with your family and pets immediately. If you hear the twister howl and rumble like a train, don't try to outrun it. These cyclones are fast. Keep away from windows and get low in a basement, interior room or ditch.
Sparky the Lightning Bolt Lightning - (Sparky, Zap, Flash ) - The lightning Weather Bullies belong to a noisy and dangerous group of electrical bolts that hit the ground during a storm. Stay away from open fields, water or big trees so you don't get zapped. Go inside or get into a car with your family and pets until it has been 30 minutes since you last heard any racket from this bunch. And lightning can strike the same place twice. Drench the Flood Flood - (Drench, Zone, Gulp) - The flood Weather Bullies are big, pushy water villains that covers everything in their way and follow around the storm surge and hurricane. They can also show up if there is too much rain or a dam breaks. Listen to the news and grab your family, pets and supplies and get out of its reach until you hear it is safe to go back. Beware of flooded streets, ditches and electrical wires.
Rip Current Riptide - (Rip, Undertow , Grip) - The riptide Weather Bullies are silent, killer currents that will grab you while you are swimming and pull you out to sea. The best way to get away from these creeps is to stay calm and swim parallel along the shore, not towards the shore. If you see the red flags on the beach, stay close to shore. Serge the Storm Surge Storm Surge - (Serge, Wave, Crush ) - The storm surge Weather Bullies are giant domes of water that race to shore ahead of the hurricane and can drown everything in their path. They will flatten buildings and chew up anything they see. If you live near the coast, grab your family, pets and supplies and get out of the way early.
Gale High Wind High Wind (Gale, Windy, Gust) - The high wind Weather Bullies come in all sizes and they can sound like a bunch of screaming banshees when they blow hard enough. These squalls can bust windows and push over trees, cars and houses. During hurricanes, they hang out on the edge of the storm's big eye. Watch the news to see how bad the winds will be and grab your family, pets and supplies and go somewhere safe until they leave town. Flame Wildfire - (Flame, Blaze, Burnie) - The wildfire Weather Bullies are fire brats that jump around in the dry trees and grass thanks to high winds and drought. They can start by accident from a campfire or on purpose by an arsonist. Once these hot heads get going, they can grow and are hard to stop as they burn through forests and houses. Listen to the news and get out early with your family, pets and supplies.
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